“When Ivana started speaking to me about writing she said: you need to connect your heart to your pen. I had goose bumps then. Ivana is a never ending inspiration for me. Whenever I get stuck or start losing faith in my talent she skillfully guides me through my journey of connecting my heart to my pen.
— Svetlana, London, England
As a writer, Ivana has a distinct, evocative, muscular voice, full of heart and wit and intelligence. As a teacher and facilitator she sees the writer as an individual, she understands process, she understands story, and she’s a gifted communicator.
— Brian Drader, Director of Playwriting, The National Theatre School of Canada
We all look for that guiding light - the manual, the seminar, the article which will help make things clear for us. Ivana is that person for me. She knows how to get rid of the noise, help you get down to the work, and find the thing that makes it all ‘click’.
— Michael Konyves - Screenwriter - "Barney's Version", "Last Knights"
Ivana wants to hear your story, she wants to understand what makes you work, she wants to support you. She is funny and sharp but never mean-spirited. Being near her, it’s impossible not to feel some of that magic and be changed.
— Shauna McGarry- Staff Writer, "Anger Management"
Ivana cares. Profoundly. About the work, about the artists she’s working with, about the truth. Those are the people I want to work with, the ones who care, because then the work can only deepen. Working with Ivana is a gift; besides her obvious talent, it’s because Ivana is one of the ones who cares.
— Amir Arison, Actor "Blacklist", "GIRLS"
Ivana knows in her bones what makes good writing. And, unlike most writers, she has the ability to communicate this to other writers so that they may find and access their voice, refine their process and produce their very best work. I’ve hired Ivana myself both as a screenwriter for my company and as a research consultant on “Meadowland”. I recommend her highly!
— Matt Tauber, Producer