Private Offering

When I read a script there is something unique and almost mathmateical that occurs. I immediately begin to solve the equation of the story figuring out where to make adjustments and how to fill in gaps in order to deliver a beautifully crafted, tight final script. 

The same thing happens when I meet a writer. I start to solve the equation of what is blocking that writer from reaching their purest potential.  

This work is very involved and requires my full attention, which is why I only accept a select number of students at any given time.  It also explains why I am so trusted with the A List of Hollywood. My skills of assessment have nothing to do with status or prestige.  I just have an uncanny ability to understand why something is working and why it isn’t.  

It was during my time working as a writer for the renowned Psychic John Edwards that I really realized how powerful, peculiar, and unique my gift is. Sometimes I even scare my students! They often say that I have a sixth sense when it comes to both writers and the story they are writing. And it’s true. It’s a sixth sense I spend hours developing every day. Unlocking others’ voices and stories is a true passion of mine.  I believe if you feel called to work with me it’s for a reason, and that we will joyfully discover that reason together.  I bet that in unlocking that reason we’ll also unlock some story elements in your script. 

The depth with which I consider material and clients is unprecedented. I love writers. This is my passion and I take my work to heart.

If you are interested in working one on one with me let's set up an introductory call so we can discover together if I may be a good fit.