Next Level Writers Lab

The Next Level Writers Lab is a ten week course where you finish a draft of your script. It is a place for writers who are very dedicated to their work, and interested in joining a community of like minded individuals. If you are needing outer accountability, community and notes that will help you bring your writing to the next level this is the course for you.  


Before the lab begins I want you to define a specific writing goal you wish to accomplish during Lab. I have refined the lab over the past years and it is an excellent opportunity. If you want to you can accomplish a lot in a relatively short period of time. The lab is designed for you to finish a draft, an outline, or a finished draft.

When choosing this goal, really try to pick something that is specific and measurable, but I also would like to challenge you to really go big! This is your chance to focus all of your intentions towards accomplishing one goal in your writing. Below are some example goals.

  1. I commit to emerging from the lab with a draft of my feature that is industry ready

  2. I commit to finishing an outline of my new screenplay

  3. I commit to finishing a shitty rough draft

You will email me your goal before your foundation week begins.

You may want to ask me what goal I think is best for you and your writing. However your first assignment is choosing your goal. In choosing your goal you are growing as a writer. It is very important for me that you choose your own goal.


The Lab officially begins with a foundation week. Each writer will receive a module to help them work through any blocks that they may have before the lab begins. You will have one week to work through this module.


We meet! You will be asked to present your goal to the class. At this time I will present you with your assignment (if I feel you need one) based on your goal and we will trouble shoot any obstacles or questions you may be facing. At this time you will also be asked to choose an accountability partner. This person will help to keep you on track between our meetings. You are also responsible for sending them your completed work at the end of week 9.


It’s time to get to work, so you’ll work diligently on your writing goal here. You will have a deadline before class begins where you will email up to five pages to the group. Each group member is responsible for reading all the pages other writers have emailed and come to the next class with your notes ready for your classmates.

You will receive each week’s module in advance of our in session meet up. This means our in session time is reserved for questions about the module and workshopping your pages.


These are what we refer to as your “writing weeks”. During this time you will bring your goal to completion. I will be available for office hours and one on one assistance during your writing weeks.

WEEK tenscript evaluation

We meet again! At this time you will receive notes on your script from me in a 45 minute one on one consultation. After your one on one evaluation we get together as a group to debrief.

Schedule a call: 

If this interests you let's schedule a one hour call where we can discuss your writing goals and discover together if we may be a good fit.